Every year, there are millions of talented individuals, professionally qualified, who descend down into the job market zone . With the zest and amition to "make it big",these tenderfoot's are suddenly faced with an array of job opportunities. one better then the next,lending to their confusion. At times, they are also defenseless amidst the nervewrecking permutations and combinations of hiring schematics.

With the global job markets opening today like never before , the shifting market trends , salaries and benefit structures, it requires a great amount of skill and a designed technique to match the right candidate to his perfect jog
Heralding the coming of time for new generation of recuitment consultants,'Sovereign Coporate Advisory' is here to seek and fill in those cruicl blanks in the recruitment field.

Shortening the gap between the applicants and hirers,between prospective employees anf the employer, 'Sovereign Corporate Advisory' strive to be the perfect intermediary between clients at both the end.
Offering customized opportunities to our clients, we at 'Sovereign Coporate Advisory' meticulousy strategize details right from the qualification, experience, field of interest, specialization,to finally, the past record etc.
While all the applications are scanned for authenticity, we strictly follow a 'Code of Confidentiality' tp protect our applicants as well as business houses.
Furthermore ,'Sovereign Coporate Advisory' believes in maintaining personal relationship to minimize discrepancies between the provided information sought by the clients.


In a potentially booming industry where there is a lot to watch out for , three young, dynamic and experience 'headhunters'get together to form 'Sovereign Coporate Advisory'.

Joining forces to launch a multi-vertical outfit to bridge between human potential and the corporate houses seeking them ,recuitment is th first arena 'Sovereign Coporate Advisory' will thunder into. With long years of experience in Human Resource Management across industries, this youtful enterprise qill gain access to potnetial jog seekersand place them in suitable assigments.


With a finger on the pulse of the shifting trends in the jog market. Sovereign Corporate Advisory aims to be a single point contact across industries for all levels of appoinments and for all recruitment solutions.Along with a stron foundation and in -dept know-how in this field.SCA is well prepared to project an employee ina perfect manner to potential business houses looking for candidates.Though the outcomes may be affected by many variables auch as volatility of the job market, the current economies and saturation in certain sectors,SCA strives to find the best placement for the right candidate.Its extensice catalog of Potential employers ensures that every job seeker gets right expose in the appropriate manner.SCA has a strong hold in industries such as

Assisting jog seekers to enchance thei CS as as keeping them informed about current ob openings at their level,SCA edndeavors to make the process of recruitment efficient and swift.


Given our years of diligent service and unmatched performance in the field , we now have a growning list of content clients. Forging life long relationship with all of them , we go that extra mile to take care of their needs and deliver what they want. Here is a list of some of our clients we would like to boast about:

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